It’s true, people love Melanie Care’s!  Service is our passion and it shows in our results.


“Coming home on a Friday after a long week of work, I am so appreciative of Melanie’s services for house cleaning. With two growing boys, a busy household, and a full time job, it can be challenging to keep up with cleaning and organizing at home. Mel’s thorough and hardworking approach to cleaning along with her reliability and flexibility make her services invaluable. We are fortunate to have found her and strongly recommend her to others.” – Carol Estes-Schwartz,   Bedford, MA

“Melanie is a wonderful cleaner, fast and very thorough. She always has time to add extras to her routine, and sees things I’ve missed. I’ve never had any cleaner even come close! Plus she’s very reliable and trustworthy. I have no qualms about leaving her alone in my house.” - Bonnie Lobel

Melanie is terrific; she is thorough, prompt, careful, smart, and just a great person. I originally hired her a year ago to do a fussy job I just didn’t have the time for – cleaning my carpets with a dust mite-removing shampoo. It is a painstaking job, and she was so nice about it, not complaining at all about cleaning the carpet, literally inch by inch.

“She now cleans my house, and my experience with her remains fantastic. She is dependable, loves my dog (who loves her equally in return) and just does such a careful job. I think the quality I value the most is that I can call or text her anytime, and explain a detailed job I need done. I know she immediately “gets it” and that the job will be done perfectly.

“I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have no doubt you will be pleased with her work, and with your all interactions with her.” - Nat R.

“Melanie is a professional in every way as she approaches her goal of cleaning and organizing the house to her and the owner’s satisfaction.  She works tirelessly without complaint.  Her attitude is positive and upbeat.  She is willing to ask questions to make sure she is doing what is expected of her.  She is willing to “do over” something if it is not to her or the owner’s satisfaction.  She always calls ahead to confirm an appointment and is always on time; if problems arise, she calls!

As an individual, she is responsible and caring parent, a concerned and caring daughter.  She values family and friends and makes efforts to keep those bonds intact.

I have absolute confidence and trust in Melanie.  I have no objection to her being here when I am not.  For what it is worth, my grandson loves her strawberry jam and always looks forward to seeing her when she comes and he is here.

I highly recommend Melanie!”  -  Iris M. Brough

Melanie Deschene is the most reliable person I have ever met.  She comes on time, works quickly, and efficiently.  I never have to remind her what to do.  She just does everything completely and well beyond what I expect.  She has a pleasing way about her and is willing to do anything to help you out.  I highly recommend Melanie and am willing to speak to you at any time. ”  -  Elizabeth Bradshaw, Lexington MA

“Melanie is a fabulous businesswoman. It starts with her hard work and wanting to give real value to her customers but moves from there to a genuine interest in making people happy. She has really impressed all of us in the Veteran Business Owners Association.” - Jerry Pinsky

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"Melanie works tirelessly and always goes the extra mile. Her positive and upbeat attitude is sincere and refreshing - and so are the service results. " - Ray H.

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